A prototype used to explore different approaches / engines for HTML5 games. The goal was the experiment with layer blending modes made possible using WebGL - this is how the visualization of the echo effect was achieved. This was made using Construct 2. 

All art and code are my own. 

My professional games can be found in my portfolio.


  • control the character using the arrow keys 
  • navigate the maze to reach the Black Door
  • press space bar to use found objects


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Hi David, any change you can tell me how to make a construct 2 game playable in browser here, or point me in the direction of any good tutorial about it? I spend several days looking for any instruction on how to do it but can't find anything on this. Would love to post my game here for free, but currently all I can do is post a downloadable file. Many thanks in advance.

Cool bro!!

This game was fun and challenging for how short it is. It was extremely difficult until I learned the lamp can go off and on. The entire process of making monsters follow you so you can run around was an excellent idea that I know will remind many of their childhood fears.I'll have a YouTube video of on my channel,Nickscalibur either February 16 or 17th, 

Thanks for the feedback, glad you enjoyed it.  I hope to revisit this prototype at a later date.  Looking forward to the video!

Sorry for the late upload but some stuff came up. Anyway here's the video 🙂.