Designed as intentionally awkward to control 3-player competitive / collaborative game. The concept is a spoof of "brain training" mini-games. Created using Construct 2, and presented in obnoxiously-widescreen.

The art is my own, and coding was done primarily by Robin Poirier with some contributions from myself. Questionable music selections are entirely on Robin.

My professional games can be found in my portfolio.


  • Each player is assigned a random key on the keyboard.
  • Press the key to raise the associated foot in the lineup.
  • Only raising the foot at the "back" of the lineup will cause the players to move forward / gain speed.
  • Raising the "wrong" foot at any time will cause the players to slow down significantly.
  • Raise all feet simultaneously to "jump" over obstacles such as fish and children.

Known Issues

  • After landing a jump, the game momentarily sees the wrong foot being raised due to not all keep lowering in sync - needs some buffer on the timing.
  • Game doesn't reset properly after first play through. Global variables are not reset and feet positions are not reset.
  • It is possible for the same random letter to be assigned to multiple feet, creating errors.

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